Our groomers

Meet our dedicated grooming team. Our groomers take pride in their work and adore taking care of your pets.



My name is Trish, I've been grooming for almost 6 years now, and animals are my life! I couldn't imagine working without dogs involved. I can groom pretty much anything and am very good at understanding what the client wants. My specialties are hand-scissor jobs like bichons, pomeranians, goldens, etc. I can give you that really round face and fluffy bottom you've been looking for! I also really love to work with special needs dogs. Dogs that don't trust, are too scared, and dogs that just need a little extra TLC. That's when I get really passionate about grooming. I love to show dogs that they're safe, grooming can be fun, and that I love them!


Paul Blasing

My name is Paul, I am 23 years old, and I have been working with dogs for about 4 years. Dogs are my passion and they have always brought me joy. I love grooming them because it is so fulfilling to make them look and feel more comfortable and neat.


Brandy Bailey

My career is not just a job to me, I love being a dog groomer! I have been in this profession for 20 years. I specialize in Poodles and fluffy cuts, but can groom all breeds. I'm also really good with difficult pets who have been turned away from other salons. I have been grooming in the Rowlett/Rockwall area for more than 10 years. Feel free to look at my work at Brandy's Dog Grooming on Facebook.

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